CIRSE 2018 – wydarzenia związane z produktami z oferty PCM Vascular

Podczas tegorocznej konferencji Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe CIRSE 2018 w Lizbonie zapraszamy do udziału w sesji satelitarnej oraz odwiedzin w centrach naukowych organizowanych przez dostawców PCM Vascular:

Sesja plakatowa:


Plakat: In-vitro characterization of idarubicin-loaded superabsorbent polymer microsphere (HepasphereTM)
Y. Kimura, K. Osuga, H. Hongyo, R. Ohira, Y. Ono, T. Nakazawa, H. Higashihara, N. Tomiyama; Suita, Osaka/JP

Sesja satelitarna: NiTiDES: an innovative approach for the treatment of SFA lesions (Alvimedica)

Data: Niedziela 23 września
Czas: 15:40 -16:00,
Miejsce: Room 1.15
Moderator: D. Scheinert (Leipzig/DE)
1. Introduction – A. Kahlberg (Milano/IT)
2. Innovating SFA lesion treatment with NiTiDES – R. Langhoff (Berlin/DE)
3. ILLUMINA study clinical results – D. Scheinert (Leipzig/DE)
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion – A. Kahlberg (Milano/IT)

Boston Scientific Learning Center

Wykład: Eliminating the clot: the role of Angiojet in mechanical thrombectomy – A.J. Wigham (London/UK)
Data: Poniedziałek 24 września
Czas: 14:00 -15:00,
Miejsce: Room 1.15

Merit Medical Learning Center

1. Don’t Go Left. An overview of the Surfacer® Inside-Out® access catheter system which enables catheter placement in patients with occluded upper central veins. Will include patient selection and hands-on practice using an anatomical model
Moderator: G. Sengölge (Vienna/AT)
2. Left distal transradial access for drug-eluting microsphere TACE. From stick to haemostasis we will show the benefits of left distal radial access step by step at 4 different stations
Moderator: D. Klass (Vancouver, BC/CA)
3. STAR™ tumour ablation system in treatment of metastatic spine disease. An overview of spinal metastatic disease and the use of RF ablation in its treatment. The STAR™ tumour ablation system and published clinical evidence regarding safety and efficacy will be reviewed. Hands-on sessions for both ablation and vertebral augmentation technology will be conducted
4. Learn the minimally invasive technique of prostatic artery embolisation (PAE). The session will feature didactic presentations on rationale, evidence and techniques for PAE, overview of anatomy and prostate vascularity and tips for material selection
5. Transradial fibroid embolisation as a day-case procedure
Moderator: M. Little (Reading/UK)
6. Bone biopsy: choose your path – hands on and case studies with Pr. Laredo
Moderator: J.D. Laredo (Paris/FR)
Wyłącznie w niedzielę: ThinkBiopsy™: Open workshop time with soft tissue and bone biopsy devices and models