PCM on NFIC 2019

This year, during the New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology in Krakow, taking place on December 11-13, events related to our products are planned:
1. Workshops iFR, FFR, IVUS, OCT, where the Opsens Medical’s system using fiber optic technology to measure coronary reserve will be presented.
December 11, at 16:45 (theoretical part) and at 17:30 (practical part), exhibition hall B, the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University
2. Satellite session: “Polish medicine surprises and the impossible becomes possible. Percutaneous devices for mechanical heart support in 2019 ”, where the topic of polish experience with Impella will be discussed.
December 12, at 14:00, Green Room B, 3rd floor, ICE
3. CTO workshops for beginners, intermediate and experts, where our solutions within the field will be used during Live in the box procedures.
December 13, Yellow room A, 3rd floor ICE
CTO for beginners, at 9.00
CTO for intermediates, at 11:30
CTO for experts, at 14:15
We invite to take part in the above events as well as to our booth.