All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and we know that perfectly well. In an effort to keep team spirits up #oneteamprocardia for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic we organized a meeting with our close ones to celebrate the International Children’s Day and a Family Day.

The event took place at the Monta Beach Volley Club in Warsaw, where the participants could expect lots of surprises — badminton and bubble football games and a climbing wall, to name a few. The highlight of the event was a beach volleyball game refereed by excellent volleyball players — Igor Grobelny and Artur Szalpuk.

Throughout the day each and every participant, young and old, could enjoy lovely weather and a great mood. 🙂

We have been operating on the medical market for 19 years now. Throughout this time we have been tirelessly completing our mission to support our partners in saving lives and supporting human health. The importance of access to the latest knowledge and technology in the setting of constantly changing market conditions is no mystery to us. We meet our clients’ needs, providing excellent customer support and sales-related service.

In order to emphasize our values and ambitions, the trust we enjoy and our brand history, we decided to refresh our logo. The new one matches our true nature, highlighting our experience and authenticity. We also wanted to demonstrate our commitment to growth and modernity.

Our slogan #oneteamprocardia, which drives and motivates us every step of the way, fits perfectly into the entire process of rebranding. This means we abandoned our sub-brands to create a single and trustworthy organization called Procardia Medical.

Although our logo looks different, we remain driven by the same sense of responsibility and awareness of the role we play every day.

In the times of increased risk related to COVID-19 the safety and comfort of the team and the patient are of crucial importance. That is why it is worth using solutions which ensure reliable and long-term treatment outcomes and reduce procedure duration. Endo-Model — a rotational hinge knee prosthesis from Waldemar Link is an excellent example of such an approach.

Endo-Model has been used for over 40 years. Decades of follow-up and clinical trials demonstrated its efficacy and strength. The prosthesis survival is 98,5% even after up to 15 years.

Its implantation method is quick and easy. Endo-Model is used for both primary and revision procedures. Leading orthopaedic centres (e.g. Helios Endo Klinik) recommend Endo-Model for single-stage septic revisions.

Current situation makes interventional cardiologists face new challenges. Epidemiological safety of the patient, operator and the team has now become a priority. For that reason when choosing solutions and techniques it is worth to consider reliable and effective guide wires such as ASAHI Sion and Sion Blue.

Why Asahi?

  • Asahi devices give the operator complete control of the guide wire. SION / SION Blue are predictable and allow for full steerability during fast advancement through the lesion.
  • Guide wire performance is determined by its behaviour during the entire procedure. SION and SION Blue ensure reliable and secure support for the catheter, distal anchoring and tool stability even in difficult cases.