FFR / Optowire III

The Opsens FFR system guarantees highly accurate pressure measurements (low drift) as well as delivers a fast, stable and accurate pressure signal.

The device consists of 3 elements:

  • The fiber optic OPTOWIRE workhorse guide wire ensuring good torqueability, steerability and pushability.
  • OPTOMONITOR with a fast and simple interface.
  • OPTOUNIT – a high-tech optical module sending light beams to the sensor.

Efficacy and safety

OPTOWIRE III facilitates making better therapeutic decisions and has the lowest drift of all the FFR guidewires available on the market.

High performance and safety

Optowire III with its guide wire design and its connection to the monitor allows for reliable and stable measurements irrespective of procedure duration, humidity or temperature.

Reliability and comfort of use

Optowire III boasts steerability and support comparable with leading workhorse guide wires, enabling performance of the majority of procedures without the need to exchange the device after FFR of dPR measurements.