Endo-Model — an effective solution for difficult patients in difficult times

In the times of increased risk related to COVID-19 the safety and comfort of the team and the patient are of crucial importance. That is why it is worth using solutions which ensure reliable and long-term treatment outcomes and reduce procedure duration. Endo-Model — a rotational hinge knee prosthesis from Waldemar Link is an excellent example of such an approach.

Endo-Model has been used for over 40 years. Decades of follow-up and clinical trials demonstrated its efficacy and strength. The prosthesis survival is 98,5% even after up to 15 years.

Its implantation method is quick and easy. Endo-Model is used for both primary and revision procedures. Leading orthopaedic centres (e.g. Helios Endo Klinik) recommend Endo-Model for single-stage septic revisions.