IMPELLA is a system for providing left and right ventricular support (LVAD, RVAD) designed to maintain haemodynamic parameters and sustain life function in patients:

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Efficacy and safety

Throughout its dwell time the pump allows for hemodynamic support with peak flows of 4.3 l/min. The device is controlled independently of ECG or a patient’s heart rhythm. Blood flow is steady, laminar and ensures appropriate haemostasis.

Certainty in making decisions

Reliable data on native heart function are presented in real-time. The optical sensor supports suction events management. LVEDP and MAP trends presentation simplifies the decision to remove the pump.

Ease of use and professional support

The optical sensor allows for repositioning the pump without the need for imaging during longer dwell times. The integrated power cord guarantees faster and easier connection and set-up before pump implantation. The device may be monitored remotely. The Impella Connect platform allows for 24/7 access to the clinical knowledge of Abiomed experts.